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The other day I was just getting on with my ordinary day when I felt God calling me to listen to him.

As I quietly waited for him to speak, the first verse from Isaiah 60 came to mind.

Arise, shine;

For your light has come!

And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.

Later that day I felt God reminding me of the verse, so I asked him to tell me more about it.

He said arise is an instruction from him.

He's telling us to get up from the place where we've been dormant.

It's time to stand up.

Not only that, I felt he was saying that arise means get up from your sleeping place.

From your grave.

We've been living in our old man.

We've clung to old ways when God has made each of us into a new creation.

We're still sitting in our graves when Jesus has set us free.

He's telling us to arise from the grave and shine.

Pondering this, I said to God,

''have you been talking to Michael [my husband] about this?

He's way more likely to understand it.''

Straight away Lucy from Prince Caspian came to mind.

(God sometimes speaks to me through CS Lewis.)

It was a scene I hadn't thought of before, when Lucy sees Aslan but no-one else can.

She's forced to make a decision. Follow him or follow the crowd.

This is something God's showing me right now.

I don't know what's going to happen next but Jesus is standing before me asking me to follow and I'm standing up now, getting ready to move and shine.

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